Self Liner Note

Jin Soda  at Baku Genjin-Mura in Fukushima (April 2014)

Each one of us has a unique ear for music.
It means everyone places value in some different aspect.
In my case the most important element is the melody.
Melody is a language in itself and has its own value.
I use digital instruments to translate the melodies in my mind into sounds.
They are merely the means I use to make music.
While I have made this album entirely for my own pleasure, it will give me much joy if I could share it with you.

『Digital Wabi-Sabi  ─As Easy As EWI』 Digital Wabi-Sabi ─As Easy As EWI

You should find the new world of modern music that shows the ambivalence of classical melody and digital possibility in this album 'Digital Wabi-Sabi'.
Enjoy splendid melodies and 'wabi-sabi' improvisations of EWI that you've never experienced.

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